A Note on Pet stain cleaning

Most DIY pet stain cleaning techniques take care of surface deep stains only but do not eliminate the root cause of odors, bacteria, and bacteria growth at the source. This means that odors and stains can actually return with even more intensity not long after you initially thought you got rid of them forever. When this happens you start to wonder if you would ever clean the stains out permanently. The answer is a resounding no!

Think about the last time you cleaned your carpets with dog urine, furniture polish, or chocolate cake. For sure it was not pretty. The odor was most likely unavoidable, but did it stay away? Most likely not. pet stain cleaning products are designed specifically to take care of the root cause of the odor rather than covering up the symptoms.

The first step in pet stain cleaning is to identify the origin of the stains. This can be done with the help of an odorless mineral spirit, water, or soap. Once you have determined the origin of the problem you can then take the following steps to address it accordingly.

With most pet stains cleaning solutions you simply follow the instructions on the package. However, there are some carpet cleaning solutions which require the use of a specific device. These cleaning solutions can be broken down into three categories; absorbent, solvent, and sub-floor extraction.

Absorbent cleaners work on light soils and remove them from the surface of your carpets with the help of water. Potassium hydroxide is a common ingredient found in these products. You can also use other chemicals such as muriatic acid, urea, or phosphate. If you don’t have any of these products at home then you can try using carpet cleaning products manufactured by the manufacturer. The main aim of these products is to remove soil stains from your carpets.

Solvent based cleaners contain volatile organic substances that act as a strong solution to remove pet stain cleaning odor from your carpets. One of the most commonly used solvents for this purpose is the hydrochloric acid. This chemical has the ability to remove both the strong odor as well as the soil residue. However, this chemical can also harm the texture of the carpet.

Sub-floor extraction method works by gently pulling the dirt and soil particles from your carpet using a powerful vacuum. A clean and fresh environment is created by exposing your carpet to this method. Before this method is used you will have to blot the affected area with a clean piece of paper towel. After the paper towel is sufficiently wet you can start to use the vacuum cleaner on the spot. The pressure from the vacuum results in the suction pulling the soil particles from your carpet fibers.